The importance of safety labels in warning and advising of rules and regulations cannot be underestimated. They are there to do a job, to keep people safe and to advise of potential dangers so they need to last.

Failure to comply to labelling standards can have serious consequences. Therefore having the right label is as important as the information on it.

Common sense, for example will tell you not to have a paper label somewhere it will get wet.

Things to consider

There are numerous things to think about when finding the right label to inform, advise and warn.

  • Where is it going to go? Is it on an office door or on a boat deck. This will make a difference as to what adhesive and labelling you will need.
  • What colour does it need to be?
  • Does it need a logo or a universally recognised sign?
  • Does it need to be a specific shape?
  • What material is likely to be the best fit for your safety labels? Maybe its plastic or thin stainless steel.

How to know for sure

With years of experience, Richard Ching & Son have mastered labelling and are at the forefront of the provision of labels for a variety of industries, businesses and individuals. With even basic information we can advise on what is needed for different situations.

Ching know safety labels have to stay in place wherever they are and need to be clear in their message. Customers can rest assured superior knowledge and wisdom will come to the fore to deliver the best service possible and safety labels that will last.

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