Labels are important for a variety of reasons and can promote, instruct and warn and can be made from different materials to suit the environment they are to be used in. The decision on what sort of label to use is an important one. For example, there is no point using a paper label in an exposed, outdoor environment.

Years of expertise and experience mean Richard Ching & Son can offer an unrivalled service when it comes to finding the right label for the right job. The wide variety of labelling offered at the company ranges in sizes, materials and strength making them the ideal place to go for all sorts of labelling. The extensive range of cutters means Richard Ching & Son can offer labels in a range of shapes without incurring a cutter charge and labels can come in strip form or perforated, the latter allowing for separation into single labels.

Which label?

Durable labels are ideal for challenging environments and outdoor exposure to the elements including heat and water.

At Richard Ching & Son these are printed on the underside, making them more durable and less likely to suffer wear and tear as the printed area will not wear away. On-roll labels come in a wide range of materials and finishes including paper and polyester with optional laminate coating for full surface protection. Examples include labels for operator information, marketing and packaging and warning and safety labels.

Extra strength on-roll labels come as matt or gloss polyester and because of their increased strength are better suited to more challenging environments. Most are laminated but Richard Ching & Son also offer partly laminated labels for customers to write on and then seal in situ.

Why vinyl?

Vinyl is the ideal material for cutting into a variety of shapes and it is easily applied to flat or curved surfaces. It is durable and high quality and perfect for hazard warning labels such as chemical hazards and electrical warnings. It is also perfect for product identification and branding and instruction and safety labels.

Rigid plastic labels

These are popular and cost-effective, being long lasting for indoor and outdoor use. There are a wide range of colours available and materials include polycarbonate and acrylic.


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