How to prevent fading labels

Over a period of time, some materials such as ink, paint, plastics, fabrics will fade and degrade when exposed to natural light. Why is this? On this occasion the source of the problem is Ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the Sun situated 93 million miles away. Physics and Chemistry So, with the help of some


Label adhesives

How can your choice of adhesive affect the customer experience?

Pricing labels and bar code labels that are applied to consumer goods are often the leading culprits. How can a simple, harmless label have any impact on the customer experience? This can possibly be best described by recounting a recent personal experience: The other evening my daughter handed me a pair of new shoes she


Made in Britain

Ching joins the Made in Britain campaign

Richard Ching and Son is delighted to announce that we’ve signed up to the Made in Britain campaign. Promoting the British manufacturing sector Used by the likes of household names such as Young’s Seafood and Vauxhall Motors, the Made in Britain scheme aims to unite and promote the British manufacturing sector within the UK and


Control pannel overlays

The importance of great design in control panel overlays

It has long been recognised that the “human machine interface” is vitally important in the world of consumer electronic goods, but the rather more functional world of industrial machinery and equipment is catching up. Traditionally, design engineers could spend weeks, months and years perfecting the new equipment, only to leave the design of the operators


Fast delivery

The importance of fast delivery

Business labels are very important to a company or individual and making sure they are just right for their job is at the top of the list at Richard Ching & Son. But don’t think our commitment to customer service stops once the labels have been designed, proofed and printed… Quick, safe delivery of your labels


Sending artwork to printers

A helpful guide for sending label artwork to printers

Design Crisp, clear artwork is key if a label is to do its job and look how you want it to look. If it’s your logo on a label it should be recognisable and words should be easy to read and a sensible size and not so small that it is difficult to see. The


safety label

Have you thought through your safety label?

The importance of safety labels in warning and advising of rules and regulations cannot be underestimated. They are there to do a job, to keep people safe and to advise of potential dangers so they need to last. Failure to comply to labelling standards can have serious consequences. Therefore having the right label is as important


Lets talk nameplates

Let’s talk nameplates

A nameplate can be part of an identity of a business or individual and it is important to choose the right one. Nameplates will last depending on what they are made from, what finish they have and where they are to be placed. Richard Ching & Son are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers in this


Right label for the right job

Choosing the right label for the right job

Labels are important for a variety of reasons and can promote, instruct and warn and can be made from different materials to suit the environment they are to be used in. The decision on what sort of label to use is an important one. For example, there is no point using a paper label in an exposed,



Payments by cheque notice

For some time now we have been absorbing the cost of banking customer cheques, in addition to this we have now been informed that our local branch of Barclays is to close on the 1st June 2018 leaving us nowhere locally to bank cheques. From 1st June we will have to make a 2-hour round trip to